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Where Freedom And Success Are Gained By The Collaboration Of A Community Of BIGthinkers.

About Us

Specializing In Real Estate - Business - Funding -Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Welcome to thinkBIGteam!

We are inspired by the success we assist others in creating...kenBIGblake

We understand that you have a unique reason for arriving here.

You are interested in either Real Estate, Business, Funding, Creating Multiple Streams Of Income, or all of the above.

You and this network of thinkBIG collaborators have the tools needed to become successful in those areas or any chosen by your passion and heart.

You will have access to our thinkBIGradio round table discussions with movers and shakers from every industry as well as expert hosts and trainers within the tribe(s) you have joined.

Most importantly we will have access to all that you share that assists us in growing as well. We value your opinions and ideas!

My name is Ken BIG Blake also known as "BIG" your thinkBIGteam captain and one of the many trainers.

With the assistance of our thinkBIGteam this area was created to ease your burdens. We look forward to growing with you and incorporating your time-saving tips and ideas for the greater good of our team and the families. 

Our Mission:

1. Provide a service that is in alignment with our heart and meaningful.

2. Increase our income in order to make more of a difference in the lives we touch.

We accomplish this through training, strategy, and action.


Why You Should Join Us.

1. You have a skill set that is beneficial to our team members.

2. You need answers to questions that will take you to the next level.

3. You understand that a team of BIGthinkers is stronger than one.

Why You Joined Us

You are serious about your success and helping others reach their definition of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Seeing Unity Change Circumstances Enabling Someone's Success!

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